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About - Djethics


We created this website with the intention to help all DJs at any skill level find the best resources out there. From tips to tutorial, we do cover everything. Ultimate purpose to spread authentic information about Disc Jockey.

Djethics team will update the existing post regularly so you can stay updated. Here the overview of the category we want to accomplish.

Dj Lesson:

These days it is hard to find good lesson of DJ. Everything about form pick a songs or mixing we cover everything. Try to cattier both beginning or advanced level learning course. However, it’s better to have coaching from expert because you may find the resources on internet but real experiences only can be gained from a real life DJ. Though Many people take DJing as a hobby, it can be billion dollar career.


Our team will do interview of real dj and posted their real life experience which definitely help for beginner. That motivation definitely give extra boost to career. Trust me, these motivations are important in our life. Every single day is challenging as Dj or any professions. To get these interview regular basis, just follow our social handle.

Equipment review:

This one is exciting, Its now hard find bias list of product which is good for beginner or anyone thats why we reviewed DJ equipment. There are plenty product you can find on amazon or eBay. This website will breakdown prices from high range to mid range, Different shapes and the functionality. Therefore, you can make purchase smoothly without scratching head.
Here are the product we reviewed: