DJ software can transform a regular DJ into a powerhouse mixing DJ. You no longer have to carry cases filled with vinyl records or CDs. Beat mixing is easily accomplished; finding MP3 or other songs is quick; sorting by your favourite artist, genre, or whatever is simple. Anything related to being a DJ is covered in most of these programs.

You can enjoy the freedom to work the crowd, lead dances, make announcements, without the need to dig through a case of music CDs to find the next song. A computer dj system allows the disc jockey much more freedom to be an entertainer, and not just somebody who plays songs.

Some of the top names in DJ software are RockIt Pro DJ, PC DJ, Virtual DJ, OTS DJ and DJ Power. You can find many DJs mixing with these software packages, and getting much better results than if they were using CD or records. Some also feature Karaoke and Video mixing as well.

The possibilities for looping, cueing and setting mix points are endless – most include pitch and tempo controls, dual decks, preset song tracks, and many other features a disc jockey will need to satisfy their audience. Sound FX are included on some DJ packages, as well as music library functions, MP3 ripping and tagging.

Retire those cases of CD’s, and move into the real digital age of music, whether it be MP3 mixing, WAV files, OGG or FLAC, most of these DJ software packages can meet your needs. Whether you are a club DJ or a mobile DJ.

Here are some of the top selling DJ software packages on the market. These will do almost any mixing chore you can imagine, and then some. These are for professional DJs who want to really entertain their crowd, and mix up their mp3s with the best jocks out there. Whether you are a wedding DJ, club DJ or radio DJ, you will find something here that meets your needs, and allows you to mix your songs.

If Wolfman Jack had had access to these DJ software packages, it would give a whole new meaning to spinning records, and the club disc jockeys that spin vinyl might have gone in a different direction.

The Leading Pro DJ Software Packages

01.RockIt 2000 Pro DJ

Professional Live DJ Mixing Software! All the standard features of a dual deck player, and much more! AutoMixing; Looping; Cueing; Jog Wheel; Pitch Control; Extended Libraries; 20 Band EQ; Integrated Jukebox; Multiple Sound Board Support; Easy Setup; Much, much more! One of the top rated DJ software programs, RockIt Pro DJ is building a strong following!

02.Virtual DJ

VDJ is a virtual Mixing Console for DJs. Plays multiple MP3 and WAV files, and supports most playlist formats. With many unique features not found in other DJ software, VDJ3 is perfect for DJs, radio stations, and hobbyists.

03. PCDJ Red

PCDJ RED VRM is a powerful DJ performance tool that will enable you to professionally mix, beat match, and organize your MP3, WMA, WAV music files like a DJ right on your desktop PC or laptop. Now also compatible with Napster music files!

04. OTS DJ

This program provides automated mixing and dynamics processing. It includes volume management, manual override, cueing, auto mix-point detection, integrated dynamics processor and hourly clock scheduling.

05. DJ Power

DJPower is a full encompassing program to meet all the needs of a modern and professional DJ. DJPower gives YOU the POWER to record and edit songs, to perform normalization, time stretching, change pitch in real time, etc.