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The Key To Finding Cheap DJ Equipment -

You’re trying to find cheap DJ equipment right?  I’ve spent years on the net trying to find the place that has best prices on DJ equipment.  Now I reveal my secrets for you.

You can go to any online retail store like Zzounds.com or Music123.com to find cheap DJ equipment.  These two places will probably the best places to find the cheap turntable or mixer you are looking for. But I will show you how to spot cheap DJ equipment from any online store.

One of the keys to finding cheap DJ equipment online is to not shop Ebay unless you want used DJ equipment.  Ebay is great for used DJ equipment but you are taking a chance on the condition of the equipment.  Not to say that you can’t buy cheap DJ equipment on Ebay but personally I don’t do it because I like to know I can return an item without question or cash in on the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Spotting Cheap DJ Equipment

Most outlets on line already discount DJ equipment from the suggested manufacturer’s retail price up to 57% in rare cases.  Here are some sure fire ways you can spot cheap DJ equipment.

Another key way you can spot cheap DJ equipment is to look for a common price on Dj equipment and then keep a look out for the same item with an additional $20-$50 off.  For example, many DJ packages sell for an average online price of $349- $399. The Stanton DJLab.1 Package sells for $349.  I saw the same package on sale for $329. A $20 savings.

This online retailer is taking an additional $20 lose on his profits but he hopes to make it up in volume.  This is how you chop for cheap DJ equipment. But there is one flaw. When you shop for cheap DJ equipment you sacrifice selection.  Some DJ equipment manufacturers will not allow the retailers to sell their equipment below a certain price point because it is bad for business. 

Most experienced DJ’s know that if you want top quality DJ equipment at cheap DJ equipment prices you have to pay a little more but use any of the methods listed above to save.

I’ve been using these methods for years and if you want an extra special tip sign up for ASCAP.com for a free membership.  They will send you a membership card in the mail.  When you receive use it to save an additional 5% at MusicansFriend.com

So you when you’re trying to find cheap DJ Equipment online remember to take these steps and shop at these retails stores.