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DJ history: You should know -


n the second world war, there was some person playing United States songs in radio station staff for the United States forces. Then they are also known as DJ (Disc Jockey) Knight.


Stereo recording came out.


In United States a Jamaica immigrants named Kool Herc needs to do his rhythm of the music on the piano.But the record rhythm is very short, so he used just two players alternate playing two records. Many years later he is called the father of Hip Hop.


Grand Theodore invented the Scratch.


Chicago DJ Frankie Knuckle, Farley, Jackmaster, Funk, Ron Hardy and Disco became fashions for young people in the United States.


Theodore joined the rubbing sound in Hip Hop music.


United Kingdom DJ organization named DMC (Disco Mix Club) organized the first DJ Mixer game. Second year Chad Jackson who come from the United Kingdom made the DJ chanpion .


Hip Hop music was developed on the basis of another style of music Drum ‘ n ‘ Bass . In the same year in the United States Detroit, some young blacks used the Roland drum machine to make a “Techno” .


In San Francisco, DJ Mix Master Mike, Q-Bert, Apollo founded the first Turntable Skratch band “FM2.0″. On radio they showed their DJ Skratch skills.


DJ Flare shows he named “Flare” Skratch technology.


Shortkut won DMC United States West Coast champion.


Q-Bert in a DJ movie star come. In the same year, ISP released their first vinyl record on the Turntable. That is “ISP Vs Daklamz Uvdeth”