You’ve seen some of the top dj’s looking real cool, surrounded by gorgeous girls, your thinking, “hay that looks cool I could do that easily” well think again. Being a dj is not easy; it takes not just a natural talent but tutorial dj training and practice, lots of practice.

If you are not put off by the thought of hard work and practice that’s needed to become a dj and you have that burning desire to entertain the masses, well you are already halfway there. You just need that bit of help to get you started in the right direction.

If you are lucky enough to know a dj, you could always ask him or her to give you some advice and tips on how to go about learning the skills needed. Or you could do what I did which was get down to your city center nightclub and just start chatting with the house dj,s.Tell them you are really interested in becoming a dj and could they give you a few pointers. You will be amazed to find most will be more than willing to help you out,it’s just like having your very own tutorial dj.

Now I know that approach is not for everyone so what’s the next best thing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your very own tutorial dj on beck and call, when ever you wanted to learn something or know something he would be there 24/7 .

This is where the beauty of the internet comes into play. A simple solution to having your very own dj tutor is by downloading one straight to your pc. All your training can be done when ever and where ever it suits you so no need to be anywhere at a certain time, and you can go over the training as often as you like.

When I was starting out on my road to djing I had so many questions I wanted answered and the best people to ask were the actual dj’s, after all they were doing it at night in night out.So this got me thinking, I started thinking of all the wannabe djs who are not as fortunate as I was in the beginning, I knew a few dj’s and I was not afraid to ask for advice. But what if you don’t know any or the ones you do ask are not that helpful or just plain arrogant about the whole thing! Where do you go from there? Well I thought I would try and help in that area by doing a video.

The video is like a dj documentary. A friend and I spent the whole day with a pro dj from the south coast of England, his dj name is “freejak”. We basically did a dj interview, asking all sorts of things that a beginner would ask.We talked about what basic equipment is needed and what sort of costs were involved when buying it all, as well as the more advanced gear and there costs.

He invited us to where he does his own mixing and production stuff, here he showed us how to do some basic mixing with a very simple beginners set of decks. From there he really scaled things up and showed us some advanced mixing techniques. It was amazing at how simple he made it look.

After an afternoon in the studio it was on to the venue he was djing that night which was in a nightclub in Plymouth called Oceana and it was fresher’s week!! 3500 freshers rammed to the rafters!! What a sight it was to see 3500 people with their hands up in the air!! Going f@#king mental, now this is what it’s all about being a dj! This is where you want to be! Any wannabe dj needs to watch this because this is djing at its rawest and down right dirtiest. And we filmed the lot!