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History and origin: Knowledge about DJ -

DJ is Disc Jockey. It can be understood as music Knights. DJ develops with DISCO. In professional term, DJ represents the latest, the most toxic and most HIGH music.

Long before the first world war there is DISCO. But it is not so crazy as now. At best, it is only some strong rhythm of the music.

DJ is just host of behind the scenes, like broadcast Chair now. At that time, nobody know how to become a DJ at all.

In 1972 “Cherry Lips” release the song “Play that Funky Muisc”. It can be considered the true origins of DISCO. The music’s style was soon favored by the majority of young people under the environment of the times. It was named the “Funky” later, which is still many people’s favorite now.

That is in the year 1981, break dance emerged.

High energy style of dance has been known as a new style.

It also come from black street music, which has the same characteristics with the blockbuster “RAP”.

DJ Origin and DJ History

“DJ” was officially transferred from behind to front office in 1981. It is responsible for all kinds of music in the selection of a suitable place for guests to hear the music. Everybody want to learn how to become a DJ, a super DJ.

Here is a necessary thing for DJ. Alough “Technics” company is still leader in the CD machine manufacturing industry. But it is little-known for “Technics” as early as 1979, produced the first professional DJ player.

The late 80 ‘s, I do not know who invented a game called scratching records, which lead to the first climax DISCO.

Now, I think it was the heyday of DISCO and DJ, endless stream of new style of music. Rubbing dish means more and more incredible. DJ is the name of the enthusiasm, the Music of drugs, most HIGH music now.