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Five Basic Tips for beginner -

1. Scratch at the right time.

When there is some crazy music, as a DJ, you’d better lead the music. You can scratch as you will in your specially ways. Maybe it is a highC F3. And you also should know when to start or stop.

2. Mixing songs and make it sound as your style.

Sure it is a skill you should practice. And if you want to be a good DJ, you must be familiar with the list of all songs. You should know how and when to mix them. It will bring happy to people when they are dancing.

3. Take an easy and naturally song first as a beginner.

You can begin with some relaxed and lively songs, which can bring your audience into the party state soon. When they enjoy the song, you can switch it to another style and make your andience happy. You will find it’s so amazing. I can give you a list of popular DJ songs as supplement.

4. make a good preparation before the party.

The best and most important tip is to make a good preparation of your audience and songs. Then you’ll find take it ease to mix songs in the party. Now you can enjoy as a supper DJ.

Sure you also need more practice to improve your ability of mixing songs.

5. Know your audience in details.

Choosing the right disc and mix it for the right people is one of the big things that can help you to become a good DJ as well. You may know what songs you will play if you want to make a happy and easy party all night. Is it easy?

In fact, becoming DJ is easy. But if you want to matter it, you should learn many skills and make some preparation before your party. It’s important. And just enjoy it.

Sanchez’s Story: How Do I Become a DJ

Roger Sanchez is born in 1973. Sanchez graduated from the High School of Art and Design in New York City in 1989. Then he devoted his full energy to DJ and decided to make a career of it.

Fortunately he got a chance to go on to play at the largest nightclubs in New York City, and later around the world. Several years later Sanchez has become an icon of the European party scene. He has succeeded!

He once said about how to become a DJ that interest is the best teacher of you. Then what you need is practice and practice.