This DJ tip is by far the simplest of all the tips I have ever learned, but it will make you feel far better about your own beat matching:

To become a beat matching master, you’re going to have to make no less than 1,000,000 mistakes. So you’d better get started now.

You see, making mistakes, doing things wrong, getting embarrassed, being confusing people – it’s a valid, proactive strategy in and of itself. And you need to take full advantage of it.

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably always terrified of looking silly or making a fool of yourself in public. So you plan ahead, every time you are alone DJing in your own apartment, to DJ just the right way, without messing anything up. “It has to come out right the first time,” you tell yourself. That’s what I used to think.

But then I discovered that people don’t learn as fast as others who are afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. I’ve found again and again practicing on my own that when I am ready to try something I am not 100% sure of, instead of being too afraid to try it, you need to do it without an ounce of shame, whether it is right or wrong.

One very important aspect of beat matching is cueing up, and throwing the track in on time. You should be able to throw your tracks in precisely on time, each and every time.

A good method of perfecting your throw is to cue up a track to the beat that you want to throw in (typically the first beat of a track). With another track playing out of the speakers, practice throwing in on the beat.

You can try to throw in each 4 beats.

For Example, following the track that is playing out … Boom Boom Boom Boom.

The First Boom is 1, second Boom is 2, third Boom is 3, fourth Boom is 4

Press the play button on each fist Boom, then press the cue button on the second Boom (which brings the track you are mixing back to the first beat), on the third and fourth Boom, simply tap your finger beside the play button as if you are pressing the button but purposely missing it. Repeat the length of the song that is playing out. Repeat.

You should do this until you can throw in precisely each and every time. The more you put in the more you get out. So PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

If you cannot flawlessly throw the record into the mix at the right time and at the right speed every time then your beat matching will suffer.

Sometimes you will throw the song in too fast, other times you will throw the song in too late and it will be hard to get the songs matched.

Also, another Very important aspect of flawless beat matching is once you master throwing in on time, the next skill to master is beat counting to throw it in exactly on the proper phrases. Phrases are what keep both songs in synch and what separate the amateur from the Pro DJs. I have this lesson in my e-book. Once you learn it, it will be like night and day.

Trust me it is worth it.

In addition to covering these five days’ principles in much greater depth, and exploring seven other vitally important concepts, you’ll also get a panorama of methods that you can put into practice immediately.

These include:

  • Phrasing / Stage Matching (mentioned above)
  • How your brain is like a sponge – and why learning slower is better than learning faster, and learning less is always better than learning more
  • Harmonized mixing is the new and only way to mix Demos and Live.
  • Why what people tell you about beat matching, and how the Pros DJ are two completely different things
  • Why YouTube instructional videos are incorrect (You should be very, very afraid of them!)

… and so much more.

I’ve had my own share of funny experiences related to this learning how to DJ learning experience, so

I’ll share a couple of those with you soon.